Publix plane crash at Northgate Shopping Center, Deland: Dramatic 911 call released

Police in Florida released the 9-1-1 tapes of frantic witnesses after a small plane crashed into a grocery store Monday night.

Five people were injured after the plane went into the roof of a Publix supermarket in DeLand, about 35 miles outside of Orlando.

911 call:

"Publix...something just went into Publix. Oh my God!
Operator: "What's going on at the Publix?"
"Publix...Oh my God, an airplane just went in Publix..."
Operator: "A plane just went into the Publix?"
"A plane went down right into the Publix...ah, see I'm on a cell phone in the parking lot."
Operator: "Okay, and you're in DeLand?"
"Deland, right up near DeLand. I hear the sirens already. Oh my God!"

911 call:

Operator: "9-1-1, what's your emergency?"
"There was just a plane crash over by the Publix on the north end of town. East International Speedway Boulevard, just west of Lowe's. I'm sitting here in the Lowe's parking lot. An engine sounded like it was um, like sputtering."
Operator: "Okay."
"And the next thing you know it went down, nose first."
Operator: "Did you see any flame explosion?"
"Oh yes, black smoke all over the place."

Two people were treated at the scene. The other three, including two on the plane, were taken to the hospital with serious burns.

Initial reports indicate the plane had a mechanical problem.

The National Transportation Safety Board says there was no black box on the aircraft but there was a GPS tracker on board. 

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