Pompano Beach man's dog Lola feared lost at sea after fishing trip

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. - A Pompano Beach man is asking the public's help to find Lola, his dog who disappeared during a fishing trip off Hillsboro Beach on Friday.

The Corgi mix, about 4 years old, likely accidentally fell into the water during the trip about 5 p.m., said her owner, Mike Peters, 33. He said he hopes that Lola survived the accident at sea, either swimming to shore or being pulled to safety by another boater.

"Negativity I'm not turning to," Peters said. "I'm just going to hope and pray."

Lola often would go on trips with Peters, and had the "bad habit" of trying to sit at the back of the boat, Peters said. In addition to Peters and Lola, Peters' girlfriend, Heather Wolfe, and a friend were aboard the 22-foot vessel Friday, he said.

Peters recalled the dog being between his legs as the boat approached Hillsboro Inlet near the end of their excursion, he said. "We were coming in," he said. "Five minutes later, she was gone."

Soon after the accident, Peters posted fliers about Lola in public places and on Facebook.com.

Peters said he is optismistic about the dog's survival for several reasons. Lola enjoyed swimming across a lake daily near her home, Peters said. Also, the waters were calm Friday afternoon, he said.

Though Lola normally wore a dog tag, it wasn't on during the trip. Peters found Lola's tag in a yard at home and planned to have repaired, but he hadn't done so, he said.

A "horrible haircut" that Lola received from a groomer a few days earlier could help the public recognize Lola, Peters said. In hindsight, the distinctive look now "might be God's blessing," he said.

Lola's body is shaved, with hair only remaining on her head and neck, making her look like a lion, he said.

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