PETA launching new pro-vegan ad inspired by Florida shark attack victim

SARASOTA, Fla. - A man who was a victim of a shark attack last weekend has become the inspiration for a shocking PETA ad that features a man's lower leg hanging out of a shark's mouth.

The shark attack victim had been spearfishing off the Anna Maria Island coast Saturday when a shark his thigh and landed him in the intensive care unit.

Now PETA, the animal rights organizations group, will run their ad of a bloody human drumstick crushed between shark teeth blood along with the words, "Payback is hell. Go vegan."

According to Central Florida News, PETA says this campaign will validate their claim that "the deadliest killers in the water aren't sharks -- they're humans."

They plan to place the the ad on billboards and benches around the island.

To see images of the ad ( WARNING MAY BE TOO GRAPHIC FOR SOME) click here .

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