Osceola County courtroom brawl video: Jayson Clair 'stand your ground' case causes fight

By Assocaited Press

Authorities say three people are facing charges following a brawl at a central Florida courthouse.

A "stand your ground" hearing had just been postponed in the first-degree murder case of Jayson Clair on Monday when the families of the suspect and the victims - brothers Joel and James Kun - began to fight. The Orlando Sentinel reports that a detective who investigated the case was knocked to the floor, and several others were injured.

Osceola County deputies and a St. Cloud police officer placed several men in handcuffs. The sheriff's office reports that three men were charged with a misdemeanor count of affray.

Authorities say Clair fatally shot the unarmed Kun brother outside a St. Cloud bar in June 2011 after they beat him several times during the evening. Clair claims he acted in self-defense.

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