Opposition grows to legalized marijuana in Florida

Reported by: News Service of Florida

Sheriffs, doctors and anti-drug groups are joining together, trying to stop a proposed constitutional amendment that would legalize medical marijuana in Florida.

The group launched the Don’t Let Florida Go to Pot campaign on Tuesday, saying they want to educate voters in Florida about the dangers of Amendment Two.

Backers of the amendment say it’s intended for people with debilitating diseases, such as cancer and multiple sclerosis.

But Florida Sheriffs Association President Grady Judd says that’s an emotional argument.

He says the wording of the amendment will allow medical pot to be used by those other than the truly sick.

“It’s wrought with loopholes. It is very clearly written, so that there can be use and abuse.”

Among the group’s concerns are the lack of age limits on who can be given marijuana and what members see as inadequate oversight of caregivers.

They also say legal cannabis could replace pill mills as a source for drugs.

Amendment Two will be on the ballot in November, and must be approved by 60 percent of voters to become law.