Operation Cyber Vigilance: 132 arrested in Tampa Bay area child predator sting operation

A statewide crackdown has led to the arrests of scores of men preying on children, according to Tampa Bay area authorities.
Top law enforcement officials from local agencies including Polk and Pinellas counties announced on Tuesday the results of a four month long joint effort to lock up child predators.
Investigators say the suspects were trolling for minors online looking to meet up for sex. But when the suspects showed up to meet them, deputies arrested them.
In four months, deputies in nine counties arrested 132 men. Authorities say this is a message not only to other predators, but to parents to keep a close on your kids.
“This is an adult device,” said Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd as he held up a smart phone.  “And if we don't train them and coach them and monitor them, they can get in trouble even though that's not their original intent.”
The arrests ranged from a postal worker, pizza man, landscaper and an employee at Disney World.


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