One-on-one with Jimmy Fallon in Florida

The New York City studio audience for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is roughly 350 people. When Fallon took the show on the road this week to Universal Studios in Orlando, the audience grew to 800. Tickets for all 4 of his Orlando shows sold out in 5 minutes. It's safe to say Fallon is a hit.

I sat down with the talk show host to discuss how his life has changed since he took over for Jay Leno in February.

Fallon told me, "With Late Night, I could walk down the street and couple people would say 'What's up?' Now most people say " Hi, I love your show and I haven't missed a show."

Ratings are up nationally for The Tonight Show,  but if viewers missed something at 11:30 p.m. they are sure to see it online the next day.

Many of Fallon's skits go viral and end up on YouTube.

Fallon says, "We've been lucky. Tight Pants was bigger than we thought. It's about a guy who moves into town and has tight white pants. Then another guy moves into town with even tighter pants. It's throw back to westerns and the idea that this town isn’t big enough for both of us wearing tight pants. I've been sent thousands of videos of kids dancing to Tight Pants."

Comedian David Brenner hold the record for Tonight Show appearances at 158. Who will be Fallon's record holder years from now?

"I hope it's not Timberlake, (he says jokingly) good gosh get rid of that guy. I've had enough. We don't get along, you know. Honestly, he's the best guy in the whole wide world."

Fallon and his BFF Justin Timberlake are quite the performing duo.

So far their 5 renditions of "The History of Rap," which is a music compilation performed live, have been viewed millions of times.

"I practice those things for 2 weeks, 2 hours a night trying to get the lyrics and dance moves. He, Justin, comes in and learns it and is ready to go in 1/2 hour."

The latest move Fallon is mastering is the role of daddy. His daughter Winnie Rose was born 9 months ago and is the apple of his father's eye.

"It's the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. She has two little choppers, like Michael Strahan, her little lisp. It's so cute."

A new baby. A new show. Jimmy Fallon is on top of the world.

"This is what I want to do forever. If the audience is there with me then I'm with them. Let's go for the ride, grow old and we'll have fun riding off into the sunset," said Fallon.



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