Okaloosa County 'mean drunk' accused of smearing 'iguana poop' on teen's head after drinking rum

MARY ESTHER, Fla. — A man who described himself to deputies as a "mean drunk" was charged with cruelty after smearing iguana "poop" on the face and head of a teenager, reports nwfdailynews.com.

Carl Pfeifer, 53, was arrested Dec. 30 for incidents that took place between Jan. 1, 2010 and June 9, 2011, according to his arrest report from the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office.

According to nwfdailynews.com , Pfeifer threw a beer bottle at the teenager on June 8, 2011. The bottle hit the teen's arm and bounced off his face.

According to the report, the teenager did not fight back.

Pfeifer walked out of the room and returned with a tray of "iguana poop," which he then smeared in the teen's hair, according to nwfdailynews.com. The teenager reported the incident to his coach and the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office.

Pfeifer told deputies he had been drinking rum the night of the incident. He also said in an arrest report that liquor makes him a "mean drunk" and he "may have said a few things he should not have," reported nwfdailynews.com.

Read the full report from nwfdailynews.com here: http://bit.ly/wUtTrx

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