Nude photoshoot in downtown St. Petersburg stops traffic, turns heads

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - A model baring it all stopped traffic and turned heads in downtown St. Petersburg on Thursday.

Photographer Harvey Drouillard told the model about removing her clothes in public, "Go as quickly as you can."

Drouillard says the photographs will last forever.

"They can take off their clothes, hit a pose and totally redress in 10 seconds."

He has made photographing nudes in front of iconic places his life's work. St. Petersburg is the latest in 23 cities he has featured.

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Drouillard used volunteer models to bare it all. In Florida, it walks the line of being illegal. It breaks the law if the model intentionally exposes herself in a lewd manner or in front of children.

"I don't shoot in front of children," he said. "I try not to shoot in front of cops. Everyone who is around is all adults."

He had the model cross the street while he took the perfect shot. The scene brought people out of the stores into the wet weather. Traffic stopped and caused a lot of commotion.

Charles Marco says, "You better believe I did a double take. I did a triple take as a matter of fact."

After a few minutes the shoot moved down the street to the Lucky Dill before police had time to respond to the calls about public nudity. Artists Ungala and Dawn Marie joined the shoot staying one step ahead of police.

Marie says the experience was, "Exhilarating. It was absolutely fabulous. As an artist I love creating and more importantly being a part of it."

Drouillard took the pictures in front of State Theater, Club 662, Mastry's, Detroit Liquor and Detroit Bar, Jannus Live and Angie's Cafe.

He went to eight different locations in St. Petersburg as the rain came down and plans to shoot in front of at least a dozen more.

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