NOAA hurricane season outlook: Agency increases number of expected storms

The Williams family is upgrading their house with impact windows and a generator and is hoping not to have to test them out this year. 

"So after the storms we had a couple years ago, we wanted to get the house in better shape, and be better prepared if they come again."

Safety is important for the family, and they are willing to make the investments to keep safe.

"We felt this was important because I have kids, a family, pets, Keeping them safe and keeping them comfortable."

Four tropical systems formed before July. Two of them, Alberto and Beryl, formed before the season's official start, and Debbie brought torrential rains and flooding to the state in late June. And the season hasn't even reached the half-way point.

As we enter into the historical peak of hurricane season, NOAA announced that the below normal hurricane season originally predicted in May, has been bumped up to the likelihood for an above normal hurricane season. 

The main reasons: Atlantic waters have warmed above normal, and the wind patterns are more conducive for storms to form now.

The agency is predicting an additional 6-11 storms, 3-6 of which become hurricanes, and 2-3 major hurricanes.

As we move through August and September, storms can form in the Gulf, the Caribbean, and well out in the Atlantic.

Being prepared and not getting complacent are the keys to surviving the hurricane season here is South Florida.

And as for the Williams, being prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at them, is a top priority.

There is an inhibiting factor though, and that's the el Nino that is forming.  However, some forecasters  think the influence of el Nino will take a while to be felt in the Atlantic, allowing more storms to pop up.

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