Tampa-area woman is suing U-S Airways after 'rough landing' in 2009

Sources say she is seeking damages for negligence

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) -- A Tampa-area woman is suing US Airways, saying she was injured after a faulty landing at Tampa International Airport.

Nancy Linker says she was hospitalized after the front tires of US Airways Flight 1241 blew out upon touchdown in June 2009. According to the suit filed in Hillsborough County Circuit Court, the plane's front gear collapsed, forcing it to slam "hard onto the runway with tremendous force."

The Tampa Bay Times reports Linker is seeking damages for negligence. The suit doesn't specify Linker's injuries, but it states she has suffered disfigurement and "loss of ability to earn money."

US Airways spokesman Bill McGlashen says the airline had not reviewed the case so he couldn't comment.

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