Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay, rhesus macaque, caught

SAFETY HARBOR, Fla. - The elusive 'Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay' has been caught.  He was brought to the Animal Hospital of Northwood by the veterinarian who tranquilized him earlier.

The wild rhesus macaque has become famous in the Tampa Bay area. It has a Facebook page and has been featured on Comedy Central's Colbert Report. The elusive monkey has been spotted numerous times in the Tampa Bay area in recent years.

Officials have warned the public in the past against feeding the monkey. They believe the monkey was cast out of a colony in Silver Springs near Ocala.

The monkey was shot with a tranquilizer dart (fired by Dr. Don Woodman) after Animal Expert Vernon Yates tracked him in a neighborhood near the St. Petersburg Country Club. 

"It was the best possible scenario," said the Doctor, referring to the capture of the monkey this afternoon.

It is hoped that after a 30 day quarantine period and further monitoring of the simian's health, he will be allowed to return to a group of fellow captive monkeys.

"He's been lonely," said Vernon Yates, who's been on the trail of the elusive monkey for months. 

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