More movie-making incentive dollars possible in Florida

Movie making continues to be a hot topic at the state capitol in Tallahassee.  Movie makers and producers are pleading with lawmakers to extend tax incentives for those wanting to make movies in the state of Florida.

The Senate approved adding a $300 million tax incentive extension for film makers who make their way to the Sunshine State.  The money would be made available through the next six years.  While there is a great deal of excitement over the Senate's move, the bill is currently stalled in the House.  The financial commitment of such an extension to blame.

Florida has had the incentive program since 2003, but has since distributed the $296 million in tax credits already.

Experts saying hundreds of projects already done in Florida have pumped around $1.6 billion and around 19,000 temporary jobs into the state.

In Tampa, the fanfare surrounding Bollywood has kept the conversation going about the financial gains to be made through the movie industry.

"It's just a tremendous opportunity for us," says Dale Gordon with the Tampa-Hillsborough Film and Digital Media Commission.  "Really at the end of the day, you are talking about economic impact.  When a film project comes to town, they hire a lot of people at a very high wage.  They stay in our hotels and they eat in our restaurants."

The push for more tax incentives is also in hopes of aligning Florida with states like Georgia and Louisiana, where a movie making boom has hit both, thanks to the added tax breaks.


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