Michelle, Angelina Mastrangelo police abuse claims denied by Miami Beach Police Chief

Cops release video to prove their case

It's not the hokey pokey, the Duggie, or anything in between but it was caught on camera and it is their story.

"They were all laughing at us and cheering us on and telling us to dance and stuff. All of them," said Angelina Mastrangelo.

So they were telling you to dance? a reporter asked. "They said you guys are funnier than the Kardashians, I'd watch you instead."

Michelle and Angelina Mastrangelo are tourists from Canada. Late December they found themselves in a bit of trouble on South Beach. They were arrested for public intoxication and that's when Angelina complains they were roughed up.

"I actually told the officer to please take me to jail. I gave him my wrist and he pushed me back into a brick wall," Angelina said.

This much we do know... when they arrived at Miami Beach headquarters they turned the holding area into a dance floor. But they say they were egged on by two male officers.

"They were making fun of us saying we don't have a father figure," Angelina said.

"And we need a father figure in our life," Michelle added.

"We're Canadians so we're trashy, he called me fat Miss Piggy," Angelina continued.

Miami Beach Police Chief Raymond Martinez said, "What we found out, and what we have video of, is a different story. We brought them here to our holding cell and the video kind of speaks for itself of their actions and their behavior."

Chief Martinez said his officers were in the right and are currently in the process of being cleared. He disputed the women's claims. "False. Completely false and fabricated allegations."

The chief points to one of the sisters who urinated on herself and then rubbed herself on several seats.

She says she warned the officers of the potential bad break, but the top cop says she was taken to the bathroom three times, and like everything else, the video proves it. "We actually had to call a decontamination contractor to decontaminate the room."

A judge fined the women 250 dollars each and ordered them to serve 20 hours of community service back home in Canada.

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