MERS patient released from Orlando hospital

ORLANDO, Fla. - Officials at Orlando's Dr. P. Phillips Hospital have released a MERS patient after he tested negative for the virus.

Health care workers said there is no risk to those he comes in contact with or those traveling to Central Florida.

A 44-year-old health care worker from Saudi Arabia traveled to Orlando where he started feeling symptoms of MERS, or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, on May 8. He was put into isolation at Dr. Phillips Hospital, but had not shown a fever since May 13.

Officials also said all health care workers who came into contact with the man have tested negative for the rare virus.

MERS is a respiratory illness that begins with flu-like symptoms, but can lead to shortness of breath, pneumonia and death.

The Orlando case was the second confirmed case in the United States. 

The third case of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome was one transmitted within the United States and identified as an Illinois man.

Courtesy: NBC News Channel