Matthew Edward Lohoski used a variety of weapons in his mother's killing, police say

CLEARWATER, Fla. - A Clearwater man is in the Pinellas County jail facing charges of first-degree murder after authorities say he used a variety of weapons - including a box cutter and a sledgehammer - to kill his mother.

According to the Clearwater Police Department, Matthew Edward Lohoski admitted to police that he came up on his mother from behind and put her in a choke hold until she became unconscious outside of her home on El Trinidad Drive Monday evening. Lohoski said he then left his mother outside and went to check on his 7-year-old daughter whom he had left in a bedroom with a videogame for entertainment.

When Lohoski went back to his mother's location, he found she was still breathing. Police say Lohoski then used a pocket-style box cutter to cut his mother's throat and armpit area, attempting to sever an artery.

Lohoski told police he then went to check on his daughter again. Lohoski allegedly returned to his mother and placed a zip tie around her neck to choke her but the zip tie broke so he went to the backyard where he got a sledgehammer from a shed. Investigators say Lohoski used the sledgehammer to hit his mother in the head three times.

Lohoski admitted to authorities that after the killing, he dropped his daughter off at a friend's house and drove himself to the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office where he told deputies he had just killed his mother. An autopsy was being conducted on Matthew's mother, Deborah Susan Lohoski Tuesday morning.

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