Man who saved a stranger from rip currents says he was 'in the right place at the right time'

Two men bond over rescue at the beach

LAKE WORTH, Fla. - Humbled and thankful, John Zensen finally got to shake hands with his hero. 

"I do massively appreciate it, my family they're all happy," said Zensen.

Zensen was struggling in a panic off Lake Worth beach Monday afternoon - lifeguards had already gone home. 

Exhausted and swallowing ocean water he cried for help. That's when a stranger appeared with a skim board. 

"I saw the board and I was like Thank God, I thought give me the board, give me the board," said Zensen.

That stranger was second grade teacher and avid skim boarder Kevin Vorse.

"He looked exhausted, I was just making sure his head was above water and he was holding on and I was just like kick and we'll go in, we rode the waves in," said Vorse.

Once he saw Zensen breathing on the shore, Kevin left him on the beach with friends. He didn't think it was a big deal, much less consider himself a hero. 

Then he saw our story Monday night on the news. 


"I sent it to my mom and was like - that's me. She said tell someone, and I said, not I'm good," said Vorse.

A picture was the only thing Zensen had of his mystery lifesaver, until today. He had the chance to give a proper thank you. 


"I'm just glad you're alright man," said Vorse.

"I appreciate it and again thank you," said Zensen.

Zensen ended up going to the hospital because he gulped a lot of sea water. He was released that night and is keeping his hospital bracelet as a reminder of what Kevin did for him.