Hoyt Adams: Man goes on window smashing rampage in PSL

Police say Hoyt Adams was high on Molly

Scary moments for a Port St. Lucie neighborhood after a man, who police say was high on drugs, dove through the windows of three homes, and had to be subdued with a taser.


The man arrested, 42 year-old Hoyt Adams, was told to leave a home on Hablow Street by police Monday night after an argument.


He came back Tuesday and the morning silence, was literally shattered on the block. 


"It's really frightening. It was a terrifying situation," said Liz Taccetta.


Taccetta says Hoyt Adams is the father of two sons with her daughter.


Just before 7 Tuesday morning, Adams came inside Taccetta's home acting strange and ran into the bedroom of Taccetta's son.


"Literally jumped through the window through the curtain through the blinds. Then he proceeded to roll on the grass over here," said Taccetta.


After Adams dove through that first window, he tried to get into his neighbors home through their front window but couldn't because the neighbor had a grate behind the glass to keep her dog from escaping. 


Police say Adams then dove through a window of a home two houses down. The broken glass and dried blood remained Tuesday afternoon as the homeowners waited for a cleanup crew to arrive.


The couple said they heard yelling and the cops arriving moments later.


"He starts fighting with police and ultimately we had to use a taser to subdue him," said Sgt. Frank Sabol with the Port St. Lucie Police Department.


Police say Adams had been taking the drug "Molly", a chemical designed to mimic the effects of ecstasy to provide a euphoric high. It can also cause people to sweat and have panic attacks.


"It's not as readily available as prescription drugs but we have seen Mollys in the city here," said Sgt. Sabol.


Liz Tacetta doesn't want to see Hoyt Adams again anytime soon.


"I hope they keep him where they have him now and keep him for as long as possible," said Tacetta.


Adams faces a number of charges including battery on a law enforcement officer and burglary.