Luis Canelos faces complex genital reconstruction after shooting himself in the groin at age nine

A teenager from Peru is in Miami for genital reconstruction.

Luis Canelos shot himself in the groin with his father's rifle when he was nine years old.

He lost everything except for a small portion of his right testicle.

A non-profit group called International Kids Fund Wonderfund brought Canelos and his father to the United States for the surgery.

The hope is that he will have a fully functional penis when it's complete.

María Luisa Chea, International Kids Fund executive director, spoke for Canelos at a news conference on Thursday.

"It's obvious that Luis is very, very shy," Chea said. "He has told us that he was never expecting to be able to have this surgery and that he found out through Dr. John McCarthy who came and talked with Dr. Salgado and that's when he first had hope.  He does not really remember the actual accident and he's very very shy."

Doctors hope to perform the surgery, called a phalloplasty, next month.

The fund is still raising the $50,000 it will cost for the operation.

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