Lois Frankel wins primary

Former West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel did what many expected her to do on Tuesday night: win a decisive victory over a candidate who was less-well funded and who had less time to build a network of support.

Frankel claimed victory at the Embassy Suites along with other Democrats supported by the party establishment, an establishment that is putting all its might behind Frankel's effort to win the now-open 22nd District seat.

One Democratic party source said, "If we want to take back the House, we have to win that seat."

Along with her significant money advantage over Broward Co. Commissioner Kristin Jacobs, Frankel also built a network that made 100,000 phone calls and brought in heavy-hitter Democratic endorsements, like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

"Anytime you have a primary, we have a formidable opponent, of course you get into high gear, and we have. We have run a very top-of-the-line campaign," said Frankel.

She turned her attention to her Republican challenger, former Boca and Delray state legislator Adam Hasner.

"It's about whether we want Social Security or not," she said.

Sources close to the Hasner campaign say that Frankel emerges from the primary a victor, but not necessarily unscathed.

The Palm Beach Post endorsed Jacobs, not the city's former mayor.

And Frankel endured attacks from Jacobs that she was a "bully."

Jacobs also argued that Frankel faced ethics complaints while she was mayor.


Tonight though, Jacobs announced her support for Frankel, saying that Hasner, "Wants to take us back to the failed policies of the Bush years."


Frankel said her fight to go to congress is nothing compared to what Americans are going through.


"The pressure is on the people I'm trying to represent. People looking for jobs, worried about their houses, whether they're going to have Medicare and Social Security, and I'm ready for the fight."


Voters that comprise the new 22nd district supported President Obama by a 57-43% margin in 2008.

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