Improve schools by improving principals

Pitfalls school administrators face

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - - A lot of attention has been given to improving public education by improving teachers. Friday the focus shifted to principals. Florida TaxWatch is teaming with the Council for Educational Change to highlight ways to improve schools by improving principals.

TaxWatch President Dominic Calabro says good teachers can't thrive under bad management.

 "If you have a wonderful set of teachers, really proficient inspiring teachers who are really on top of things, but you have a bad or mediocre principal, she or he will destroy that school," Calabro said. "The key is to get the best leadership combined with good management, so that that school hums.

TaxWatch and the Council held a summit in Tallahassee Friday, bringing together business people, educators and principals to discuss the pitfalls school administrators face. The groups say the first step is identifying what good principals do well and sharing it with schools throughout the state.


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