Larry Miller gives up backyard gators to Gatorland

Two pet alligators found living in a South Daytona backyard last week are now at the Gatorland theme park.

The owner gave them up, against his wishes, on Thursday.

He raised the gators from hatchlings nearly 20 years ago -- but his property is just too small to legally have exotic animals.

Lisa Miller said her husband Larry helped load the gators for Gatorland , but he was too distraught to speak.

He accepts that he has to give them up, but said he will never understand it.

His wife says it's another big loss for him. "He's always handled them and they are his babies. He's already lost his parents and a few other things and it’s like he's losing everything he's got all at once."

The Millers have a week to decide whether to surrender the animals to Gatorland for good, or get a permit and find a place on their own.

That place would need a minimum of two acres.

If they surrender to Gatorland, they would have visiting rights for life.

Reported by WESH, CNN Newsource