Lake Wales man Christopher Chase Whaley confesses to stabbing, killing grandmother Barbara Denmark

Victim's last words were reportedly 'I love you'

LAKE WALES, Fla. -- The Polk County Sheriff's Office is investigating a homicide involving a 23-year-old man who reportedly confessed to killing his own grandmother.

According to the official affidavit, Christopher Chase Whaley called 911 Saturday evening, said "Come get me," then hung up the phone.

When a dispatcher called him back, he reportedly answered and said, "You have two minutes to find me."

Investigators say Whaley told them he had gotten into an argument with his grandmother, Barbara Denmark, 69, and his aunt while in Daytona Beach.

However, Whaley also reportedly said he was too intoxicated to remember what the argument was about.

When he returned to the mobile home he shared with Denmark in Lake Wales, Whaley told detectives he sat in his bedroom and planned to murder Denmark along with his aunt.

Authorities say Whaley went to the kitchen and grabbed two knives from a drawer, then went to find Denmark while she was taking a bath.

Whaley told investigators he stabbed her "more times than he could count" and left his grandmother in the bathtub.

He reportedly left the room, but when he returned Denmark had moved to the bedroom floor.  Whaley said his grandmother's last words to him were, "I love you."

Detectives say Whaley originally planned to then walk to his aunt's house and kill everyone inside, but that Denmark's dying words changed his mind.

Instead, Whaley called 911 and reported the crime.

When deputies arrived at the home, located at 5137 North Scenic Highway, lot 15, they found Whaley waiting inside

Whaley was taken into custody early Sunday, and booked into the Polk County Jail on a charge of First Degree Murder.

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