Kyle Romain Hall: Remains in jail for 'nearly killing' his puppy

'Scrappy' to be given to new owner

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla.-- A one-year-old English bulldog puppy is recovering after being badly beaten and nearly drowned by his owner.

24-year-old Kyle Romain Hall remains in jail on an $85,000 bond on charges for animal cruelty, aggravated assault and possessing an illegal weapon.

On Wednesday, Port St. Lucie police say Hall beat his dog, Scrappy, with an illegal sawed-off shotgun.
Police say when the dog naturally began to cry and howl, Hall tied the dog up in a bathtub, continued to beat him, and held him under water.

Police say the more the dog cried, the more aggravated Hall would become.

Police say Hall's girlfriend yelled for him to stop. They say Hall grabbed a knife and also threatened her with the shotgun. Police say she ran to a neighbor's house before police arrived.

"You know, this dog is defenseless," said Sgt. Frank Sabol. "I mean, he wouldn't hurt a fly and took this abuse just for doing what puppies do."

Police say Hall abused the dog because it chewed up some items in the home and used the bathroom inside.

Scrappy has some major bruising, lacerations on his head and veterinarians say he was barely conscious.

Thursday, Veterinarians at Kindness Animal Hospital in Port St. Lucie said Scrappy showed good signs of recovery compared to the night before.

 "You couldn't even see his eyes. His head was just so swollen it covered his eyes," said Dr. Rose Egar.

Thursday, animal control also took another bulldog, Rhino, from the home to make sure it hadn't also been abused. Veterinarians determined Rhino was healthy and returned him to his owner, Hall's girlfriend.

But, that won't be the case for Scrappy.

Veterinarians say the loving, friendly puppy will likely find a new home with one of their employees.

"These cuts and bruises. These are all going to heal. How he's going to be mentally? I don't know," said Egar.