Kitten rescued from car engine in Jacksonville

Car enthusiasts love to hear the "purr" of a finely-tuned engine. But when they hear meowing under the hood, there's obviously a problem!

Angie Fox heard the cry for help Monday from her vehicle and called for a mechanic. 

Rusty Newton was the man who came to rescue the kitten.

In the parking lot of restaurant, Newton jacked up a car because there was no room under the hood to rescue the kitten, which was lodged somewhere in the engine. The occasional cry for help came from below.

"See it. There he is," said Newton as slid from beneath the car holding a black kitten that was newly born.

"I knew he was black," said Fox who was excited when handed the kitten she had heard minutes before whimpering.

Jacking up the car was the hard part as the rescue only took a few minutes.

"We will name it boy or girl, name it Rusty," said Fox holding the kitten with Newton looking on.

Newton went back to work at White's Automotive following the rescue.

Angie Fox left for home with "Rusty" knowing there are people who care and took the time to help a kitten in need.

Courtesy: CNN Newsource