Kim Rothstein, Scott Rothstein's wife, charged with conspiracy to commit money launderiing

Attorney, friend also charged

The wife of Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein, her attorney and one of her close friends were charged Thursday morning with conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Kim Rothstein, her attorney Scott Saidel and her friend Stacie Weisman concealed more than $1 million of jewelry from the federal government, prosecutors allege. Among the items was a 12.08-carat diamond ring.

Kim Rothstein's husband, former attorney Scott Rothstein, is serving 50 years in federal prison for running the largest investment fraud in South Florida.

Kim Rothstein, Saidel and Weisman each face a single count of conspiracy to commit money laundering, a charge that can carry up to five years in prison. Court documents filed Thursday morning indicate that "0 days" have been allocated for a trial — usually a sign that negotiated deals are either in place or in the works.

Federal prosecutors allege that before authorities seized the Rothsteins' assets in November 2009, Kim Rothstein, Saidel and Weisman "knowingly took action to conceal certain items of jewelry, valued in excess of one million dollars."

The trio conspired to sell the jewelry and convince Scott Rothstein to lie during a sworn deposition when he was asked about the 12.08-carat diamond, according to federal prosecutors.

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