Katharine the great white shark pregnant? She's been hanging around the warm waters of South Florida

(WFLA/NBC NEWSCHANNEL) For the past year, Mote Marine scientists have made all new discoveries about great white sharks.

In 2014, researchers from Mote teamed up with scientists from around the world to tag great white sharks in the Atlantic. The project was led by a group called OCEARCH .

Satellite tracking tags were attached to a number of great whites - including a shark popular to Florida waters, Katharine - and now their migration patterns are being studied. Since then, scientists have been in awe.

Dr. Robert Hueter from Mote Marine Lab says they are observing strange patterns that scientists have never seen before.

"People are going to say the scientists appear to be baffled! Yeah, I guess we're baffled," he said.

Dr. Hueter is especially interested in the shark named Katharine. In the heat of summer, she's been hanging around the warm waters of South Florida.

"She's in this very hot water now which is interesting because you thought they'd be fairly temperate water animal, even cool water animals," he says.

Another shark named Betsy has been swimming in the same region, too.

Hueter believes both Katharine and Betsy are pregnant.

“This is brand new information. Are they coming down here to give birth to their young or at least, gestate?” he asked.

For years, scientists assumed great white sharks gave birth farther north, and it was always believed the sharks would stay in cooler waters during the heat of summer.

But that's not all. Over the course of this project scientists have seen a number of sharks going to all sorts of different places.

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