Judge revokes bond; Kaitlyn Hunt back in jail in underage sex case

Faces new felony charge

In tears, shackles, and an orange prison jumpsuit, Kaitlyn Hunt listened as Indian River County Detective Jeremy Shepherd detailed in court what he discovered on an iPod that Hunt is alleged to have left in the locker of her then 14-year-old girlfriend.


"I observed lewd photographs of Kaitlyn Hunt," said Det. Shepherd.


Photographs, sexual videos and 20-thousand text messages were discovered, a direct violation of the court's no contact order according to prosecutors. The detective also testified that Hunt and the victim were together physically as recently as three weeks ago.


"Arranged for her to go on her run and for Kaitlyn Hunt to pick her up," said detective Shepherd from the stand.


After an hour of R-rated testimony, Judge Robert Pegg made his ruling.


"She simply can't be trusted to abide by a court order I'm revoking bond of any kind, she'll be held without bond until a trial date is set," said the judge.


"Her conduct over last several months has shown she's not willing to abide by the courts orders and we think this is the best thing for the safety of the victim," said Assistant State Attorney Brian Workman.


Hunt's attorney felt that sometimes graphic proceedings were over the top.


 "We conceded there had been contact and to put that kind of information out about the victim on her first day of school, that was unnecessary," said Julia Graves, the attorney for Kaitlyn Hunt.


Hunt's mother, Kelly Hunt Smith, was not in the courtroom Tuesday.  In court papers, Hunt Smith also had reached out to the victim telling her to delete any texts between her and her daughter.


Hunt faces a new felony charge of transmitting harmful material to a minor.


A hearing on the new felony charge has been scheduled for September 23.  No trial date on the two lewd and lascivious felony charges Hunt originally faced has been set.


 "We felt the allegations were true, we supported the state's motion to revoke bond for the protection and well being of their daughter," said Charles Sullivan, the attorney for the victim's family.


Sullivan said the younger girl's parents would rather have had this case settled a while ago, but the Hunts turned down a first plea deal.  


A second plea deal was withdrawn Monday when the violations of the no contact order were discovered by prosecutors.


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