Jazmine McEnaney: 8-year-old Tampa girl helps mom deliver baby brother at home

TAMPA, Fla. - An 8-year-old Tampa girl helped deliver her baby brother on her home’s bathroom floor.

Her mother went into labor Monday morning and couldn’t make it to the hospital.

Krystle Garcia, the mother, held healthy baby Joseph in her arms that evening.

"He has a big smile on his face,” she said. “I will never forget this day."

Joseph James Snyder began arriving as Krystle went into the bathroom to get ready for work.

"I was in the bathroom and my water broke and I yelled for her... ‘Jazmine grab the cordless phone. Dial 911,’" she said.

Jazmine McEnaney called for help at 7:02 a.m. She told the 911 operator, "My mom is pregnant and her water just broke. She is in so much pain."

Krystle said she was frantic in that moment.

“Even if I called somebody, they are not going to come quick enough,” she said.  “It happened so fast."

Her baby was two weeks early. All five pounds 10 ounces of little Joseph couldn't wait.

The operator guided Jazmine in how to help deliver the child. Just 13 minutes after that 911 call started, and before paramedics could arrive, Joseph made his appearance.

The 911 operator asked, "Is your mom pushing or straining yet?"

"Um, mommy are you pushing or straining?" Jazmine asked.

From the background Krystle screamed, "Yes! Yes!"

Talking about what the 911 operator asked Jazmine to do, she told us, "It was like, kind of hard."

Krystle held the phone as Jazmine worked to deliver Joseph. On the 911 call, Krystle told her, "Come here. Hold the baby's head please. Hold the baby's head please Jazmine."

Krystle says, "She definitely stayed calm when she needed to. I was hysterical."

Big sister helped her little brother into the world. To that Krystle says, "She did a very good job. I am proud of you."

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