Jane Rainboth, Roland Stuart: South Florida woman pulls out fake gun on suspected intruder

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. - The family dog growling in the middle of the night was a cause for alarm for Jane Rainboth.  So was the presence of a mask-wearing stranger in her bedroom

"I was sleeping and she started growling and so I knew something was wrong.  And so I sat up and I was trying to listen for something and I see a masked man appear in the doorway peeking around the corner.  And he saw me and I saw him and I jumped up and grabbed this toy gun," Rainboth said.

But the home invader didn't know it was a toy and after breaking in and approaching Rainboth in her bed suddenly he was the one afraid for his life. 

"I just started saying, ‘I got a gun! I got a gun!' " she said.

Packing pretend heat she had the criminal high-tailing it out of there.

The Broward Sheriff's Office and the victim reported that the suspected intruder, Roland Stuart, exited the home through a screen he had initially cut before later being found by deputies in the nearby woods. 

The toy gun Rainboth used belongs to her seventeen-year-old son.  He painted it black when he was younger.