James Farrell Davis accused of shooting Joseph Justice in fight over missing dog in Ponce de Leon

PONCE DE LEON, Fla. - Authorities say a man was so angry about his missing dog that he threatened to "blow" a woman's kneecaps off before shooting a man who was in her house.

Walton County deputies say 55-year-old James Farrell Davis was charged Tuesday with attempted murder, aggravated assault and armed burglary in connection with the May 21 incident.

He remains in jail.

An arrest report shows that Davis confronted Heather Sue Carden about the missing dog, threatening to shoot her.

Deputies say 31-year-old Joseph Justice heard the commotion and came outside.

The Northwest Florida Daily News reports that Davis fired at Justice.

A struggle ensued and Davis fired another shot, hitting Justice.

Justice grabbed a hammer, hit Davis in the head and took the gun away.

Justice was treated at a hospital.

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