ISIS threatens to behead Florida journalist Steven Sotloff

MIAMI, Fla. - WASHINGTON - The Islamic militant group is threatening to execute South Florida journalist Steven Sotloff, after claiming to have beheaded American journalist James Foley.

Sotloff is from the Miami area and attended the University of Central Florida.

The freelance reporter disappeared last August in Syria.

Sotloff's family still lives in Miami-Dade County. They have refused to speak about the kidnapping, fearing retaliation against their son.

The White House must now weigh the risks of adopting an aggressive policy to destroy the Islamic State against resisting any action that could result in the death of another American.

It will also confront the potentially necessary step of pursuing the Islamic State in Syria, where President Barack Obama has resisted launching airstrikes or deploying significant American firepower.

President Obama was expected to make a statement Wednesday about Foley's killing.

This story was updated to clarify that Sotloff attended the University of Central Florida.