Investigators say Barbara Scott buried 77-year-old husband Bennie in herb garden

LAKE ALFRED, Fla. - For almost three months, Lake Alfred police and Polk County investigators say 64-year-old Barbara Scott buried a secret.

But investigators uncovered it. And dug up her 77-year-old husband Bennie.
Neighbor William Bearden says the Scotts lived in the house for the past two years and were good neighbors.

Barbara liked to garden but says Bennie didn't seem happy to leave his home in Oklahoma.

William says he thought he was back in Oklahoma and was shocked that he was in fact, next door the whole time.
Investigators say Barbara Scott told them her husband died in January and she buried him in the herb garden. She was able to keep the secret by telling friends and family her husband was either in Oklahoma or was having throat issues and couldn't talk.

They say Barbara's daughter became suspicious and talked her mother into telling police.   

Investigators say Barbara was calm as she showed them exactly where the body was. Now they're working to find why she kept the death a secret in the first place.  
No charges have been filed against Barbara Scott at this time.

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