Inmate Richard Franklin accused of stabbing Florida correctional Sergeant Ruben Thomas to death

A Florida correctional officer was killed after he was stabbed to death by an inmate, according to the Florida Department of Correctionis.

It happened Sunday night at a state prison near Lake City.

Authorities say Ruben Thomas was checking on another inmate, when Richard Franklin attacked him with a handmade weapon. Franklin was serving a life sentence for a 2004 murder. He also had a conviction of battery on a law-enforcement officer.

Thomas's co-workers are devastated.
"It's very sad.  It impacts, you know, the entire organization and everyone in it.  I think a lot of people maybe don't realize just how dangerous their jobs are, but every day they're running behind these fences dealing with inmates such as inmate Franklin that are in there for murder. They're in there for robbery, they're in there for very very serious crimes. When this occurs you do see everyone pulls together.  They'll be a lot of support for his family, and a lot of support. We'll bring in counselors, our chaplains to deal with the staff here and make sure that they have some help in working through this because they've lost more than a many of them it would be a friend," said Ken Tucker with the Florida Dept. of Corrections

Another correctional officer, William Brewer, was injured.

Thomas leaves behind a young daughter and a fiancée.  Authorities say Franklin will be transferred to a maximum security prison while the incident is investigated.

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