Increased risk of shark attacks Memorial Day weekend

Memorial Day weekend sends hundreds of thousands of swimmers and surfers to the beach, and that really ups the odds of a shark attack.

This time of year in central Florida, sharks are moving northward up the Florida peninsula as water temperatures are warming all the way up the east coast.

University of Florida shark experts say you can reduce the likelihood of a surprise encounter by using a little common sense in the water.

"Try to stick together in groups, stick to the water in daylight hours," says George Burgess, a UF shark researcher. Don't go in from dusk till dawn when sharks are more active, try to avoid wearing jewelry anything shiny leave that behind when your going out there."

Experts say if you see a shark in the water, you should get out because most of the attacks in Florida are results of mistaken identity.

Sharks usually mistake the splashing of the hands or feet with a school of fish. Researchers also point out that a panicky retreat is not the best way to go.

Information from the University of Florida

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