Rohan Dawkins: Huge rush to support Delray man after robbery

A Delray Beach man has his game back, and a whole lot more.
An outpouring of support for Rohan Dawkins after he was allegedly beaten by a married couple for his new copy of the Grand Theft Auto video game.
Dawkins was back at work Friday, in possession of new copies of the video game he saved money for months to buy on the day it came out.
"The job here is fun, easy. Sometimes hard," Dawkins said of his job at Home Depot on Linton Blvd.
One man who bought Dawkins a new copy of Grand Theft Auto, Jarrett Rubin, said he was inspired by Dawkins' work ethic.
"He works an honest living," said Rubin.
Rubin and five friends chipped in to replace the game after hearing he had saved $10 a paycheck to buy the $60 game. 
"If someone falls down, you've got to help pick them up," said Rubin.
Dawkins was allegedly assaulted by Adele Jones and Tommy Davis, a married couple who police say stole the game.  
Even after that, all Rohan could think about was work.
"He was so concerned that he was late to work, not that he had been assaulted or that his video game had been stolen. He was very, very concerned that he was going to be in trouble," said Rohan's boss, Pamela Bryan.
Rohan's former classmate, Ryan Hoffman, bought one too.
"Instead of feeling bad for somebody, go out and do something for someone," said Hoffman. 
Juanita Tripp is the grandmother of suspect Adele Jones.
Tripp also heard what happened to Rohan Dawkins.
"I feel terrible. No words I can express about how I feel towards him," said Tripp. "I know she feels bad now with what happened. She's got to feel bad."
She felt compassion, too.
"If I was able I would buy him a game myself and give it to him."
And at Game Stop, Rohan was royalty. 
A special edition box set of Grand Theft Auto V.
Not for beating the game, but for Rohan's determination to get it.
"I just feel happy," said Dawkins.
Adele Jones and Tommy Davis were in court Friday morning and charged with strong-armed robbery.
The judge set bond at $5,000.
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