Horses apparently injected with gasoline in Belleview, Florida

BELLEVIEW, Fla. -- Authorities in north central Florida are looking for someone who apparently injected two horses with gasoline.

The owners of each animal noticed strange swelling at what was apparently the injection site.

One horse became lethargic and had to be put down.

The vet performing a necropsy noticed a strong smell of gasoline.

"He said, well there's so much gasoline smell on her, that it smelled like someone had poured a five gallon can of gasoline on top of her. Torn into the tissue, it was actually breaking into her vital organs, where it was actually doing lung and heart damage," horse owner John Hoogerhyde said.

The other horse has undergone surgery.

A friend is holding a fundraiser to help pay the medical bills.

There's a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.