Home health aide charged with stealing personal checks

Port St. Lucie woman charged with fraud

If you're planning on hiring someone to work inside your home, a Port St. Lucie man wants you to hear his story.

He thought he could trust a home health aide he had hired. Turns out, she was trying to rip him off.


Thomas Krzan uses a wheelchair to get around most of the time. He needs help to care for him and his wife so he had hired three home health aides.


Port St. Lucie Police say one of them, Chanetra Neely, tried to take advantage.


"Totally violated that somebody you trust to come into your home, care for your loved ones and they steal from you," said Krzan Tuesday from his home.


Krzan went to police early last month after suspecting one of the home health care aides had stolen two of his personal checks.


But which aide was it?


Detectives arrested Neely Tuesday after spotting her on bank surveillance with the checks in hand.


Both of the checks were written out to "Cash", one in the amount of  $600 dollars, the other in the amount of $200 dollars.


"The last check in each book she took," said a disgusted Krzan.  "Went to the bank, forged my signature and cashed it."


On the Florida Department of Law Enforcement website, you can have a background check run on anyone in Florida for $24 dollars.


"Within a matter of days, you have a background check of the person you're going to entrust having access of your home to," said Sgt. Frank Sabol of the Port St. Lucie Police Department.  The FDLE background checks only look at crimes committed in the state of Florida.


Krzan says it's a good thing he checks his bank balance regularly.


"Checking your statements, where that money is going to. If you don't, you lose."