High-speed chase, Miami-Dade County, caught on camera

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. - A wild car chase endangered traffic in Miami Friday morning.
Police chased a silver Mercedes, sometimes exceeding 100 miles per hour.

The pursuit ended after the driver crashed into a chain-link fence, then fled over a fence, away from the police.
At some point, shots were fired but authorities have not confirmed who fired the shots.

Police took three passengers into custody.

The driver had to be transported to the hospital.

His condition is currently unknown.  

"We're about 600 police short just in the Miami Dade Police Department.  This was a very, very dangerous situation, not just for the police officers but for the entire community.  This started in Kendall and went all through the streets," said John Rivera with the Police Benevolent Association.

A spokesperson for Miami-Dade told the Miami Herald that no officers were seriously injured.
Police are investigating the incident and have not yet released the names of those apprehended.
It isn't clear why the suspects were on the run.

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