Healthier lunch choices

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Three-year-old Zoe Simms can't get enough fresh fruits and vegetables.

Her mom Marissa Brock makes sure she and her 12 year old sister Rachel eat only the best. "We prefer all organic and fresh-grown everything."

That is why the family came to Blueberry Springs Farm Thursday. There are no chemicals or pesticides used on owner Jack Krause's blueberry bushes. "They're fresh and straight from the farm; not processed, no chemicals on them."

Pretty soon Jack will have a better shot at having his produce in public schools. A bill on the governor's desk gives the Florida Commissioner of Agriculture authority over school lunches. And he's pledging to put more Florida produce in school lunchrooms.

"When you do fresh fruits and vegetables and give the children an option, they are more likely to choose the healthy option instead of the junky option," Brock said.

And better choices may be what's needed to stop obesity among kids. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one in three is overweight.

The plan also calls for nutritional information to be posted online. So, beginning in 2012 parents can go to the Department of Agriculture's website to see exactly what students are eating.

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