Hatching season begins for Burmese python

Researchers ask public to help track the snakes

A Burmese python was recently spotted in southwest Florida as hatching season begins. There is no way according to experts to control the highly-invasive species.

As a small reptile, the pythons do not pose an direct threat to humans, but they are dangerous to the Florida ecology. They have been known to grow quite large, especially in the Everglades.

Right now, there is no way to control the Burmese python population growing.

The Conservancy SWFL is asking residents to be cautious, especially in Collier County and report what they see.

"They are emerging from their eggs right about now.  This is a new apex predator in South Florida ecosystem, one we're going to have to learn to live with," says Ian Bartoszek with the Conservancy.

The Conservancy has been studying the python for years and now they are asking the public to take part in their research.

"We need some eyes on the ground to document the spread of this invasive, so we can continue to work towards a more effective management strategy," says Bartoszek.  

Should a python be spotted, take a picture if possible and record the location.  Then enter the information at www.ivegot1.org . The geographical data helps researchers track them.

Courtesy: NBC NewsChannel