George Zimmerman video reenactment of Trayvon Martin shooting released by Sanford Police Department

The Sanford Police Department has released a video of George Zimmerman showing police what happened the night Trayvon Martin was fatally shot.

The 15-minute video was filmed Feb. 27, the day after the shooting.

According to Zimmerman, Martin's last words were, "You got me."

As Zimmerman reenacts the encounter with the 17-year-old teen he says:

"I kept yelling "help, help" and he put his hand on his nose-my nose-and his other hand on my mouth and said shut the ---- up and uh...then I tried squirming again because all I could think about was he was hitting my head against ...I felt like my head was going to explode. And I thought I was going to lose consciousness so I tried to squirm so that I could get..cause he only had a small portion of my head on the concrete."

Zimmerman continues his reenactment and says:

"So I tried to squirm off the concrete, and when I did that, somebody here opened the door and I said "help me help me" and he said "I'll call 9-11" I said "no help me I need help" and I don't know what they did, but that's when my jacket moved up and I had my firearm on my right side of my hip. My jacket moved up and he saw, I feel like he saw it and looked at it and he said "you're gonna die tonight ---" then he reached for it. I felt his arm going down by my side...and I grabbed it and I just grabbed my firearm and I shot him... (inaudible)"

The officer responded, "After you shot him what did he say to you?"

Zimmerman says, "After I shot him he like sat up....I shot him and I didn't think I hit him 'cause he sat up and he said "you got me"

Zimmerman is charged with second degree murder in Martin's death. He told police he shot the teen in self-defense.

You can watch video here :