George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin case: Brother Robert Zimmerman Jr. goes on Twitter rant

ORLANDO, Fla. -- George Zimmerman's family is speaking out about the Trayvon Martin case.

Monday night, Zimmerman's brother Robert Zimmerman Jr. took to social media and threatened Martin's family lawyers, the Miami Herald reports.

"I hope GOD grants you a long life so you live to repent for what you have done," Zimmerman Jr. wrote in a tweet directed to lawyer Natalie Jackson, one of the lawyers for the slain teen's family.

Zimmerman's brother said he will work to have each of the Martin family attorneys disbarred.

He Tweeted, "My Life's work = you WILL be held accountable for your words/actions. You AINT seen NOTHIN' yet... I will see U disbarred."

Zimmerman's mother also talked in a televised interview for the first time this week. She spoke exclusively with CNN's Piers Morgan.

Morgan asked her if she's thought about what will happen if her son is found guilty of second-degree murder.

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"I believe in the judicial system," says Gladys Zimmerman, George Zimmerman's Mother. "I believe from the beginning that, you know, he is innocent, and I mean, the media had played a big role against my son. They had portrayed him in a bad -- bad picture. But there is justice in America, and I believe in justice."

Zimmerman's attorneys are also asking to delay the trial proceedings.

They say they have as many as 75 more witness depositions to complete before they're ready to go to trial.

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