West Palm Beach area adds 16,000 jobs over last year

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) -- Florida's unemployment rate is now higher than the national rate.

The state's jobless rate in June was 6.2 percent. That's a slight dip from the previous month when it was 6.3 percent.

According to the June 2014 report, the West Palm Beach metro area gained 16,100 jobs over the year.

The West Palm Beach metro area's unemployment rate declined by 1.8 percentage points over the year, from 7.9 percent in June 2013 to 6.1 percent in June 2014.

“With an unemployment rate steadily declining and 16,100 new jobs created over the year, it is evident that our pro-business policies are working in the West Palm Beach area. It is vital that every family benefits from our policies, so let’s keep working to make sure that every Floridian who wants a job can find one, so they can live the American Dream,” said Gov. Rick Scott in a news release.

In June 2014, the West Palm Beach metro area had 19,450 online job openings. 

The national unemployment rate is 6.1 percent. This is the first time in more than a year that Florida's rate is higher than the national rate.

The good economic news is that the state led the nation in job growth according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Florida gained more than 37,000 jobs in June. That was a turnaround from the previous month when the state shed nearly 18,000 jobs.

Economists have said the state's economy is recovering but slowly.

The latest figures show there are nearly 600,000 people out of work in the state.

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