Florida tops the list of scary states

Hurricanes, gators and lightning. It's enough to strike fear in any Floridian.

You can also add rip currents, sinkholes and sea creatures to the list. In fact, there's a multitude of dangers found from sea to shining sea.

Every state seems to have something scary.   It's just that Florida has more than the rest.  Stand up and take a bow, Florida residents, and while you're at it, step on that cockroach!

There are a number of items that put the Sunshine State right at the top of the list of "Scariest Places in the Country."  

A survey by real estate website Estately.com used detailed criteria with 15 common fears such as heights, snakes and going to the dentist to map out the scariest places in the U.S.

Florida ranks first in three categories: hurricanes, shark attacks and tornadoes.

Here are the 15 criteria Estately.com considered: bears, clowns, prison, flying, hurricanes, shark attacks, spiders, snakes, dentists, tornadoes, heights, meth labs, lightning, volcanoes, murderers.

Here are the Top 10 scariest states, according to Estately.com:

1) Florida 
2) Georgia 
3) Texas 
4) Louisiana 
5) Alabama
6) North Carolina
7) California
8) South Carolina 
9) Mississippi
10) Virginia.

By the way, dead last on the list was South Dakota, which scored a solid 50 in four categories. 

Apparently they don't have or don't fear bears, flying, hurricanes and shark attacks.  Apparently, there's not much clowning around either.  The "Mount Rushmore State" scored a 49 in that category.

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