Florida receives yellow rating in roadmap report by Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety

Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety will release their 10th annual roadmap report today.

The group plans to hold a press conference detailing traffic and highway safety information about all 50 states and highlight federal funding that's available to those who take action on safety initiatives.

In the report, advocates highlighted 15 basic highway safety laws they believe should be adopted by states regarding adult and child occupation protection, impaired and distracted driving and teen driving.

States were rated on whether they adopted specific laws, not on the measures of an effective highway safety program.

States were given a rating of either green, yellow or red. Green represents good which means a state is significantly advanced towards adopting all of the Advocates recommended optional laws. Yellow represents caution which Advocates said a state needs improvement because of gaps in the recommended laws and Red represents danger. This rating means that a state falls dangerously behind in adoption of recommended laws.

Florida received a yellow rating. Advocates suggested the state could use better enforcement on certain laws including motorcycle helmet laws, child booster seat laws and cell phone restriction laws.

More than 2,300 traffic fatalities were reported in 2011 in Florida and the annual economic cost of motor vehicle crashes in the state was more than 14 billion dollars.

The Roadmap of State Highway Safety Laws report also features the best and worst performing states, states making the most and least progress over the past year, dangerous loopholes in each state that contribute to preventable death and injury, and state specific data on traffic deaths, injuries and related economic losses.

A news conference regarding the Advocates study will be held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. at 10 a.m.

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