Florida job incentives questioned

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - The state has doled out 740 million dollars in tax incentives and cold hard cash to businesses claiming they can create jobs. Over the past 15 years the money has resulted in 86-thousand jobs; or about a third of what the companies promised.

Now Governor Rick Scott wants a refund.

The state is trying to renegotiate with six of the businesses that aren't living up to their end of the deal, but getting the details is tough because state law keeps those contract secret for two years.

Republican State Senator Nancy Detert of Venice has filed a bill to make the deals more transparent. "Once we sign a contract if it involves any tax incentives or taxpayer dollars, once that contract is signed all that information should be open to the public."

Detert chaired a committee Tuesday trying to find out if the millions of state and federal tax dollars being spent on the 24 regional workforce boards are creating any jobs.

When asked how many jobs the workforce boards have created the head of Workforce Florida couldn't answer the question but promised to get the information to the committee.

Workforce Florida takes state and federal money to offer computers and job training to job seekers... But unemployment remains high.

The committee also listened to a presentation from the online job searching company Monster.com about how its technology could help Workforce Florida better match job seekers with employers.
Monster is also offering to load the state's database with the Florida resumes it has accumulated.

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