Florida flag house: Bradenton home painted with giant American flag in defiance of city

BRADENTON, FL (WFLA) - A Bradenton family says they've been hounded by code enforcement, and they've had enough.

They're tired of receiving citations, and they want the whole city to know how they feel. So they painted their house to look like the American flag.

Brent Greer and his wife are doing a little redecorating. The new paint job is unmistakable - the front of the home is a massive flag. Brent Greer hopes it sends a message.

He said, "I painted it to remind the city and all that live here that this is America. This is a free country. This is my home. This is not a shrine to Riverview Boulevard."

Back in February, a city code enforcement officer responded to a complaint because a Christmas tree was still displayed in front of the home.

While on site, the officer noticed a long list of other code violations like problems with old paint and windows.

City of Bradenton Code Compliance Manager Volker Reiss said, "There was some substandard housing conditions at the time that we found there."

"The violations are very typical in the city for an older home."

If the Greers don't correct the violations, they could face fines of up to $250 a day.

Greer exclaimed, "You just threatened my kids, you just threatened my livelihood, I can't pay a $250 a day fine, I can't pay a $25 a day fine!"

So he decided on a new paint job instead.

"A lot of people gave their lives so that we can live here, not so you can have some elitist opinion on how my house should look," said Greer.

Reiss likes the new paint job.

"Looks nice!" he exclaimed.

Reiss said the new paint job is not a code violation, but the other violations remain.

There are also a lot of toys and items strewn on the yard.

Greer says he has a few more important things to worry about.

"I got seven adopted kids, we're foster parents. Kids coming in and out of my house, they're my priority. My house is safe. It's state certified safe," he explained. "The things you want done, they're down so far on my list of priorities. My kids are first and foremost, and if something happens in life, that gets taken care of long before I ever get to my soffits aren't painted to your liking."

Many neighbors have driven by to look at the house and express their approval.

"I think it's one of the best things in the neighborhood," expressed Chris Grumley as he stopped on the side of the road.

Grumley added, "My family and I are British. We're not transplanted Brits. We live the American life, and its people like this displaying their true patriotism that makes us proud to be here."

Greer does not plan to pay the fines. He says the problems they cited are purely cosmetic, so he'd prefer to make some cosmetic changes of his own.

And he's not done here. He and his wife plan to paint the Liberty Bell on the second floor.

Greer and his wife will attend a hearing with the code enforcement board on June 17.

After that, the board could decide whether to start issuing them the fines.