Florida divers come face to face with a great white shark in the Gulf of Mexico

(WBBH)  Dane Kelly practically grew up underwater. For him, breathing below the surface is just as easy as breathing above.

"You go down there and you see stuff most people have never seen before," he says.

Saturday was no different. His brother and friends headed out before sunrise. The group ran out of patience fishing above the surface; it was time to dive below.

That's when the group came face to face with the huge animal about 80 miles west of Sanibel.

they captured incredible video of a great white shark swimming in the Gulf of Mexico.

"It's like swimming with a submarine with teeth," Kelly said. "I mean, it's huge, it's unbelievable down there; it dwarfs everything I've ever seen underwater."

Scientists at Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota watched the video and believe it's a great white.

"Seeing a shark in the Gulf of Mexico is a treat. Sharks are declining on a global scale," explained Leah Biery from the Sanibel Sea School.

That isn't lost on Kelly and his friends, who hung out underwater in disbelief before coming home with the best fish tale of their lives.

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