Florida beer bill SB 1344 would make 64-ounce growler to-go beer containers available in Florida

TALLAHASSEE -- You can go into a brew pub and get a 32 ounce beer to go. And you can go in and fill up a gallon bucket and take it home.

But the most common size to-go beer container around the rest of the country, the 64-ounce growler, can't be filled up by brewpubs under Florida law.

That would change under a bill (SB 1344) approved Thursday by the Senate Regulated Industries Committee.

"Many people bring in their 64-ounce growlers, proud to show their local brewery, and they get to our brewery and we tell them 'We can't fill that for you. I can sell you two 32-ounce growlers to equal the same.,'" Justin Clark of Cigar City Brewery in Tampa told the panel. "It's just silly. "We've got to get rid of this archaic law."

Large beer distributors oppose the idea.

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